Designing for the Continuum of Care

For more than 40 years, we have invested in a complete portfolio of solutions to address needs across the continuum of care. These solutions—which span the Herman Miller, Geiger, and Nemschoff brands—reflect our commitment to human-centered design. From clinical products to administrative systems, our solutions thoughtfully complement one another to bring the best designs for human interaction to the healthcare enterprise. 

Who provides care? Everyone does in the new landscape of healthcare. Patients engage in their care plans. Families and friends advocate and support. Caregivers have powerful incentives to include a broader group of professionals, working with them as a team to improve health. Each of these groups requires surroundings, tools, and furnishings that actively support what they do, that make their experience of care natural, easy, and inspiring.

At Herman Miller and Nemschoff, we exist to elevate the human experience of care. To achieve that ideal, we design our furnishings based on problem-solving research. Some research is formal and in-depth, some is based on real-world observation, some emanates from our staff of clinicians, whose experience is first-hand and ongoing.

The result of our focus is a portfolio of products for clinical and administrative spaces that solve real problems for people. We share a catalog of these products here, and encourage you to see how they can make healthcare a more naturally human experience, both for people needing care and the people who provide it.