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Who We Are

For 50+ years, Pivot has been the trusted partner for companies seeking more than office solutions. Our creative minds and unbreakable relationships craft spaces that reflect your vision—spaces where people thrive and deliver results.

At Pivot, we understand that the heart of any successful business is its people. That's why we specialize in creating workspaces that don't just function efficiently but inspire and empower every individual to express their unique abilities. Since 1973, we've been the trusted partner for companies of all sizes, helping them go beyond mere renovation to truly reimagine their workspaces.

Our partnership with MillerKnoll positions us uniquely to offer you an unparalleled range of design options. We're not just selling furniture; we're crafting environments that foster innovation, collaboration, and well-being. Whether it's the sustainable and community-focused Adobe Founders Tower or the dynamic and adaptable LinkedIn Headquarters, our portfolio speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

When you choose Pivot, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a partner who is invested in your success. Our Leesman+ Certification isn't just a badge, it's a globally recognized accolade awarded to top-tier workplaces that excel in providing outstanding employee workplace experiences. Let's collaborate to make your workspace a beacon of productivity and creativity.

Our Purpose

We create environments that inspire, support and empower people.

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Curiosity

  • Teamwork

  • Accountability

Our Process

Every detail expertly managed since 1973.

As one of MillerKnoll’s largest & most established furniture dealers, we have been using our collaborative design process to support companies locally and nationwide for almost 50 years.

We at Pivot are proud of our reputation for exceptional customer service from inception to completion (and beyond). Our creative team, collaborative design process and strong relationships allow us to create a space that reflects your vision and drives success in your organization. View our Pivot Portfolio.

Our People

We have a passionate and dedicated team across 6 California locations.

California born and raised with a philosophy of inclusiveness at our core, Pivot has over 200 employees across our Santa Clara, Fremont, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, and La Mirada locations.

We recognize that a variety of ideas, backgrounds, and experiences is crucial to our employees' ability to reach their fullest potential, ultimately providing our clients with the best possible results & experience. Join our team!

“We’ve counted on Pivot time and again to be our partner in design, not only to service our clients’ needs and execute, but to come to the table as an active team player, bringing innovative ideas and helping our team deliver the best results that go beyond ‘furniture solution’. From custom furniture design to stylizing each little detail, Pivot always steps up to realize our common vision, and makes it look easy.”
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Revel Architecture & Design Scott Clement | Principal & COO
“Informatica’s aggressive construction schedule required the utmost attention to detail and execution, as the project was literally being managed not by days, but by hours. Pivot’s design and project management teams ensured that all product was correctly specified, ordered, and delivered within the tight timeframe that was outlined. The installation of product needed to follow a specific flow that was dictated by construction activities and move-in dates. Thanks to meticulous planning and flawless execution, what was accomplished in eight days was nothing short of a miracle. Kudos to the entire Pivot team on keeping to their promises and delivering exceptional product and service.”
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Informatica Director of Facilities & Workplace Strategies
“Pivot helped us resolve our challenge of meeting the design intent for the overall project aesthetic, while still providing options that met the client’s working budget. ”
IA Silicon Valley Office Colin O'Malley | Managing Director
“The Seattle RIC 9-12 Floors Project was a huge success and Pivot was a big part of that. As usual the Pivot team worked closely with the architect to ensure product details were correct and aligned with the space and also with the GC showing teamwork and flexibility for installations to accommodate the overall schedule. The management of the local installer was also handled impeccably and they did a great job. Thanks so much to Joe and Jai and everyone else at Pivot for your continued hard work, dedication, attention to detail, positive “can do” attitude while staying within budget and on schedule. I also really appreciate the effective communication from Joe, especially the advance notice of any potential issues along with back up plans. Amazing problem solving and customer service!”
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Oracle Danielle Milne | Senior Project Manager, MCR