Adobe Hooper, SF

HIPSJ Adobe Hooper Sanidad 190127 23 1920x1080

San Francisco, CA

Design: Gensler
Photography: Jasper Sanidad

Longtime Pivot client Adobe expands their presence in San Francisco with this new Hooper Street location, just a few blocks from the existing Townsend Street space in the Design District. The new office acts as a compliment to the Townsend space, and supports a wide range of activities to support employees beyond the traditional work station. Alternative work spaces are strategically positioned along the perimeter to provide natural light and views of the city skyline. Meeting rooms provide visual and acoustic separation between work stations, collaborative areas, and havens for deep focus. The long floorplate is leveraged to encourage flow between different areas for varying modes of work. Amenities include a juice bar, full-service cafe, dining hall, all-hands space, VR room, themed “adventure” rooms to drive innovative thinking, and a wellness center.

Scope: 6 floors + rooftop terrace, 1,350 workstations, 260,000 sq ft, installed over three months. 60% Ancillary furniture, with workstations, conference and seating by Herman Miller.

“Pivot and Adobe have had a very strong partnership for over 15 years. During the past 6 years, we have been doing large scale renovations all over the world. We are fortunate to have Pivot on our team as we tackle these projects. We have a trusted partnership in which we can always expect the Pivot team to deliver quality product on time and on budget. In cases where something slips, they follow up and promptly resolve the issue. ”
Adobe Sr. Project Delivery Manager