Public Sector

Sunnyvale City Hall Building

Pivot partnered with the City of Sunnyvale to provide systems furniture, private offices meeting and training rooms for the new Sunnyvale City Hall, which replaces the former 52-year old building.

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Design Firm: SmithGroup
: Anthony Lindsey
: Four-story, 120,000-square-foot building

The new Sunnyvale City Hall was designed with sustainability in mind, and is electric and solar-powered, net-zero, and utilizes electronic records to minimize paper waste and storage. Several heritage trees were saved during construction – these exist within the building as tabletop structures to bring the outdoors in - and additional trees were planted on the site. The office is modern and open concept, with neutral white and gray tones creating a calming and light, airy environment for employees. Pivot provided furnishings that supported the client’s goal of continuity and collaboration between departments, while focusing on ergonomics with the inclusion of height adjustable desks. Each area was designed for the line of work that the employee using it would perform, taking into consideration the task needs for their job functions, whether it is heads-down work meeting space.

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