Vans Headquarters
Costa Mesa, CA

Industry: Apparel
Design firm: RAPT Studio
Photography: Eric Laignel


To create a space with a physical identity that reflects the maturity of Vans without diluting its youthful essence. To embrace the classic Vans brand heritage with a spirited mix of new and vintage designs.


182,000 sq ft including 550 workstations, lounge areas, collaborative nooks, design studios, mock retail spaces, product presentation areas, as well as a library featuring vintage Vans artwork, photography, and shoes. Courtyard patios on two levels provide space for socializing and company events.


Custom "Deck" workstations, incorporating locally sourced work surfaces, with SitOnIt Novo task seating in a selection of custom colors. Two floors of ancillary furniture including classic mid-century designs and eclectic vintage furniture pieces.