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Commitment to Sustainability

Pivot views sustainability as twofold: both environmental and social responsibility.

Pivot employs a number of measures to reduce waste, minimize our carbon footprint, and serve the communities in which we work.

  • We work to avoid sending used furniture to landfills and instead repurpose or donate items
  • Our designers source unique accessories for projects from local vendors and non-profit organizations
  • We select vendors who minimize waste by managing used furniture responsibly
  • We utilize the MillerKnoll rePurpose Program for larger projects
  • We achieved a 99.1% Average Total Recycling Diversion Rate from 2009-2020
  • We use green supplies in our offices
  • Our staff has trained and accredited LEED designers to work toward LEED certification for our clients
  • We consistently research ways to remain at the forefront of sustainable design
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Conversion to Renewable Diesel

Pivot’s service operations team recently converted to using renewable diesel fuel in our trucks across Northern California, reducing diesel emissions by 20 lbs of greenhouse gases released into the air per gallon - a reduction of up to 75%. Read more about this initiative:

Conversion to Renewable Diesel Fuel in our Trucks across Northern California