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Conversion to Renewable Diesel

Pivot is making strides in our sustainability goal to reduce our carbon footprint.

Pivot Truck

Starting in October, Pivot’s service operations team converted to using renewable diesel fuel in our trucks across Northern California.

This change is part of Pivot’s commitment to creating a healthier planet by reducing our carbon footprint and contribution to greenhouse gasses.

As a drop-in fuel, renewable diesel can be co-processed with petroleum diesel, seamlessly blended with petroleum diesel and/or biodiesel in various amounts, transported in petroleum pipelines, and is sold at retail stations with or without blending – at the same cost as regular diesel and without modifying our fleet of vehicles. This has resulted in a reduction of more than 20 lbs of greenhouse gases released into the air per gallon.

Pivot is committed to serving our clients in a sustainable way, and we are proud of our service operations team for making a positive impact.

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