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Acoustic Solutions to Tame Workplace Noise

Create acoustic and visual privacy in your open plan work environment with flexible furnishings and products that absorb ambient noise.

Adobe Hooper  | Design firm: Gensler  |  Photo: Jasper Sanidad  | Product: Turf Custom Ceiling Baffle

While rapidly growing businesses see their floorplates becoming increasingly dense, the collaboration and effective communication in those spaces are simultaneously breaking down. The audible interruptions in open workplace environments can cause distraction and lack of focus - diminishing overall productivity. Background noise and echo can make it a struggle to communicate effectively. Lack of privacy and loss of the necessary focus to complete heads-down work has employees opting to work outside of the office, effectively reducing or even eliminating face-to-face interactions and opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with colleagues.

What can be done—right now—to get more productivity out of your open plan environment?

Use High-Backed Soft Furnishings

Create a private haven or perfect spot for a one-on-one with these versatile screens, nooks, and high-backed lounge pieces.

Hightower Focus and OFS Lean To
Hightower Focus and OFS LeanTo
Naughtone pullman and holmris beach house AA
Naughtone Pullman and Holmris Beach House

Create Zen Focus

With many unique applications, sound absorption can add visual interest and ambiance. Snowsound collaborated with Italian artist Gillo Dorfles and Turkish-born designer Sezgin Aksu to create Snowsound Art. Arper worked with Lievore Altherr Molina specialists in product design, consultancy and art direction on Parentesit. These products combine art and design towards a beautiful purpose.

Arper Parentsit with light and Snowsound Art by Sezgin Aksu
Arper Parentesit & Snowsound Art by Sezgin Aksu

Save Space with Hanging Applications

With floor space at a premium, these creative solutions provide visual and acoustic privacy without sacrificing valuable real estate.

Snowsound Fiber Textiles and Offect Soundsticks
Snowsound Fiber Textiles & Offect Soundsticks
Offect Membrane short
Offect Membrane

Use Ceiling Space

Transform existing ceilings with baffles and tiles to create dimension and noise dampening for lobbies, hallways, common spaces, and open workspace.

TURF Ceiling Baffle Straight LED
Turf Straight
Arktura Soft Fold
Arktura Soft Fold

Feature Your Walls

Create gorgeous sound absorbing feature walls that do double duty with these dramatic wall applications.

Arper Parentesit Turf Maze
Arper Parentesit & Turf Maze
Baux Acoustic Tiles
Baux Acoustic Tiles

Plan for the Future

Change is inevitable. How will you support your growing team, changes in technology and business expansion? Planning and testing may already be underway in creating your workplace of the future, but that doesn't answer your current needs for acoustic and visual privacy for effective collaboration or focused work.

Develop trusted partners early. Educate yourself on workplace strategy. Survey your teams and track how they're using their space. Try solutions and measure results.

Providing choice is a key determining factor in employee satisfaction. To that end, Pivot partners with clients to develop a variety of work settings within the open office. We leverage flexible furnishings to create visual privacy, along with strategically placed sound absorbing products, including products with highly rated Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings.

Snowsound Software image LARGE
Snowsound illustration showing a variety of acoustic applications

Today there are many options for sound absorption. Developments in technology, design and materials have brought forth a wide range of sound absorbing products for the workplace. The illustration above shows a sampling of the breadth of options available. From ceiling baffles and hanging panels, to freestanding screens and high-backed furniture, Pivot can help you develop a plan for reducing noise and increasing productivity today, and support you as your company grows and changes in the future.

Ready to Think Inside the Box?

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