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Pivot Design Spotlight: Katie Chan

Meet Katie Chan, one of Pivot's talented designers in the Santa Clara office.

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What is your biggest design inspiration?
Nature. Nature is constantly changing with the seasons and we can always tie that into our designs and finishes. We use a lot of raw materials and wood; and natural sunlight inspires me a lot in my work. The organic shapes we find in natural space influence our designs and how we think about laying out the furniture. 

How would you describe your design style?
Detail-oriented. I think more about the end user’s experience. I like thinking ahead – what will the client want in 3 years? We do a lot of re-configurations for clients, and I always try to plan ahead to make the process easier for clients to make changes later on. 

Which design trends are currently catching your eye?
Over the years, the focus of workplace strategy has been open space and collaboration areas. Now companies are needing to transform that open plan for their end users by designing enclosed spaces that provide places for focused discussion. 

I find that tech companies in general want their offices to be more open, but end users aren't necessarily happy with that because of the noise and distraction. Now we're using more acoustic material to balance out the sound, or providing screens for more privacy. 

As a designer, I always think of what is best for the end user while still balancing it out with the company's interest.

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What’s something you can’t live without?
Food! And my cat Miu Miu.

What's your favorite chair?
The classic Eames lounge chair. When I was a student walking into the Pivot showroom, I thought the Eames lounge chair with white leather and the white ash wood back was stunning.

What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Cooking! A good stress reliever for me, even if I have a thousand things to do. If I’m really stressed, I like to put everything down and just cook.

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Print or Digital?

Sweet or Savory?
Both! I love maple bacon.

Pen or Pencil?
... Erasable pen.

Rain or Sunshine?
I don't know! The sunshine after the rain?

Pizza or Burger?
Burger - a rice burger.

Instagram or Twitter?
Instagram. If you asked me, Pinterest or Instagram, I wouldn't know!

What's your Instagram handle?

"I've been watching Katie since she came on board. I was impressed by her level of detail, her desire to learn, and how well she adapts to working with others. She is very coachable and is also a mentor to others." 
Garlenzka Tandberg, Pivot Designer

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Sound like you?

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