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Furniture Maintenance and Warranty

We are proud of our reputation for exceptional customer service from inception to completion (& beyond).

Pivot is one of the few dealers in the CA market that employs our own certified installation & service team, owns our own trucks, and manages our own warehouses and crew. We offer full post-installation services such as and furniture cleaning for moving and re-use, warranty specialists to manage repairs, and inventory and asset management.

After installation, our team ensures everything works flawlessly and meets your needs – even if those needs change. We partner with the highest quality vendors to ensure long-term satisfaction with our products.

With a dedicated team before, during and after delivery and installation, we are invested in the quality of your project and share your goals - end to end.


Our Service Operations team specializes in maintaining all brands of open plan systems and office furniture. If the furniture is still under warranty, we'll make the repair and manage the warranty process for you. We offer a proactive Product Maintenance Plan for regularly scheduled inspection, cleaning, stain-prevention, and more. We'll handle modifications, refurbishment, paint touch-ups, wood refinishing, and reupholstery—often on site.

Our MillerKnoll products are known for their outstanding warranty. Use the contact form on this page to get in touch with us for more information.


Through our partnership with MillerKnoll, we offer eZconnect—a web-based, self-service ordering and tracking system—and a host of other services. These include ergonomic consulting (Thrive), data-driven workplace optimization (Space Utilization Service), and sustainable options for disposing of furniture, supplies, equipment, carpet, and more (rePurpose).

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