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950 & 1000 Maude Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

Industry: Technology
Design firm: RMW
Photography: Marco Zecchin
Customer since: 2013


To consolidate the company’s headquarters into one location in order to foster a culture of collaboration and move research and development teams together. 950 and 1000 Maude, along with the purchase of an adjacent site, allowed the company to transition their employees to a walkable campus in Sunnyvale.


1200 employees occupy the site, which includes a 500-seat café with 7 distinct food stations and a 255 seat “all-hands” auditorium on the ground floor of the 950 building. The ground floor of 1000 Maude includes the primary visitor entry, a 3000 SF fitness facility, a 50 seat juice bar and a center for meeting and training with diverse room sizes up to 90 seats.

“You can count on the entire Pivot team, from the field installation crew to the project management team to work closely with you to understand your budget and schedule requirements so that they successfully meet, and more often exceed your expectations. ”
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