LinkedIn San Francisco

Linked In Hq Sf July 2016 185

San Francisco, CA

Industry: Technology
Design firm: Interior Architects
Photography: Eric Laignel
Customer since: 2013

IA Worked with LinkedIn to create a totally unique, fully encompassing experience for its employees and visitors alike. Extensive San Francisco themed environmental graphics provide neighborhood differentiation and wayfinding for this expansive space.

Phase One: 345,000 sq ft on 18 levels of future total 445,000 sq ft on 26 floors. A unique theme for each floor, we provided all ancillary for numerous collaboration areas, wellness areas, café areas, outdoor areas and more.

Herman Miller, Geiger, Naughtone, Hightower, DWR, Martin Brattrud, Cypress, Davis, Creative Wood, Allermuir, Andreu World, Bernhardt, Chair Factory, Stylex, West Coast Industries, and more.