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Recommitment to Our Purpose and Values

An open letter from Pivot's President & CEO Ken Baugh to our employees, design partners and our clients about how our purpose and values are now more meaningful than ever.

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As I reflect on the last several years and what it has meant for Pivot and our community of employees, partners and clients, I’m reminded of the importance of our purpose, vision and values.

Now more than ever, we realize the need for empathy. The past two years have highlighted awareness around many difficult issues – health, mental health, stress and burnout. We have learned how vital it is to have a clear purpose and set of values to guide how we treat each other, those we work with and what we do. Our values are intended to serve as a compass for how we support our employees – because our people are the most important part of Pivot.

Since navigating through both COVID and our offices reopening, I have found our purpose to be more meaningful than ever. We want to support our employees as whole people, and practice this by embracing the awareness that each of us, while persevering through the same crisis, have faced different challenges and unique needs. The same goes for our clients: by considering the needs of the individual, we can design for inclusion, community and belonging. We do this by creating spaces that serve individuals, create room for community or space for privacy or heads-down work, or leverage technology to facilitate remote and in-person collaboration.

One takeaway from the pandemic is that at our core, we all need community and connection. Belonging in a community takes the action of inclusion a step further by creating a culture (and spaces) that welcome everyone. This need sparked the addition of “B” for Belonging to our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging team.

With this in mind, I invite your feedback on how things are going. Pivot is continually evolving as we respond to the changing landscape around us, and your feedback is important to ensure that we are always operating in a manner that we can take pride in, and that is consistent with our values.

We have the chance to bring our values and purpose to what we do each day – to create spaces that support, inspire and empower all people. This is the experience we strive to create for our clients and our employees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for what you bring to our vision, and for your role in getting us through the past few years. This opportunity to practice empathy, awareness and inclusion has brought a renewed clarity to our purpose and will only strengthen our culture.

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