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Biophilia in the Workplace

Bring life into your space with these three key applications of biophilic design and improve health & well-being in your built environment.

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Biophilia promotes the connection and affinity of human beings for other living organisms. There are huge benefits to incorporating nature into our everyday lives and many companies are starting to embrace biophilic design when creating their workplace environments. Bringing in elements of biophilia can reduce mental stress, promote creativity and productivity, and provide healing qualities.

Hipla Broadgreen Pictures 13 171006 F42B5C85052Dc17Cbb5Cc365Eeeb355F 2
Broad Green Pictures | Design: Gensler | Photography: Ryan Gobuty

Nature in the Space

Amplifying the connection with nature, visual or non-visual, increases sensory input to enhance the working environment. Providing views of nature outside, and bringing in natural elements such as plants, water, natural light and fresh air are examples of nature in the space. If you're lucky enough to have an office with a stunning view, then connecting your interior space with the outdoors is a no-brainer!

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Value Act Photo  Bruce Damonte 13 Bc5F986274378E848E6E0Bf4Ee7F7480
ValueAct Capital | Design: Gould Evans | Photography: Bruce Damonte

Natural Analogues

The use of biomorphic patterns and shapes in your space reference the symbols and arrangements that are often found in nature. This results in a workplace that feels interesting, comfortable, and contemplative. Incorporating natural materials such as wood finishes, mossy elements, and tiles with a handmade and worn patina are examples of natural analogues.

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Outdoor balcony workspace with modern design
Canopy | Design: Amir Mortazavi/M-PROJECTS & Yves Béhar | Photography: Joe Fletcher

Nature of the Space

Creating experiential settings or habitats that inspire a sense of mystery and surprise - even a slight sense of peril - can make you feel exhilarated and alive. Adding these elements in the workplace will result in an interactive and invigorating experience for employees and guests alike. Rooftop lounges, indoor swings, and balconies are all unique ways to produce this experiential environment.

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