Pivot Interiors

Pivot Interiors

Inspire collaboration. Ignite creativity. Amplify productivity.

Discover Pivot Interiors. We’re known for creating exceptional solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Our designs reflect your brand and inspire employees to create and collaborate in the workplace. Companies throughout California turn to us when they want to reimagine their workspace.

We are an expert team of innovators, creators, and thought leaders. We begin each project by understanding the vision. We ask questions, discover your pain points, collaborate openly, and ideate as a team to deliver exceptional results.

We’ll introduce you to the Living Office concept, and build a strategic workplace that’s specifically designed to support your organization and elevate the work experience.

We believe the right physical environment can improve a person’s well-being, inspire innovation and enable them to perform their best.

Pivot is a community of people who are passionate about our purpose, share and live our values, and are committed to working together to achieve great outcomes for our customers.

Our Silicon Valley business began in 1973 out of a converted family garage. We have grown tremendously, but we haven't lost sight of our entrepreneurial spirit and our focus on the customers' success.

California born and raised, we are headquartered in the Bay Area with clients located throughout the state. We have offices and showrooms in Santa Clara, Fremont, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles and La Mirada.