TikTok Los Angeles Headquarters

Seamlessly flexible spaces designed for both individual reflection and communal gathering meet a lively pop culture theme in TikTok's Los Angeles office.

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Design Firm: Gensler
Benny Chan
Ancillary package for five-story office, 120,000 square feet

As a provider of the ancillary package for seating, lounge furniture, café and conference tables, Pivot was proud to partner with Gensler on TikTok’s Los Angeles headquarters in Culver City, CA. This five-story office is TikTok’s first U.S.-based space and provides touch-down workspace space for their teams, collaborators and influencers. The space is open, with a central canteen on the middle floor that acts as a collaborative hub. The space features large, oversized booths and communal bleachers for community forums, with a wide variety of seating arrangements to support company events. Much of the space is arranged around the café area, for which Pivot provided café tables and seating.

The design sidesteps the traditional private office with flexible workspaces for individual reflection, focused work or meetings, which flow seamlessly around communal team spaces. Tiktok’s fun, lively culture and pops of color that reflect the office’s Los Angeles vibe prevail throughout design with the inclusion of art and murals, lighting installations and electronic kinetic LED walls. Pivot’s ancillary furniture selections reflect finishes and fabrics that complement the bold color choices and architectural details of the space.

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