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North Hollywood, CA

Industry: Advertising and Entertainment
Design firm: Wolcott Architecture Interiors
Photography: Amelia Cameron
Customer since: 2015


Reflect the brand and culture of the highly creative, award-winning entertainment marketing firm. Aspect’s new space supports creative work in both collaborative and focused work areas. The design fosters “Aspect Family Members” to challenge each other to be better, take bigger swings, and to work together to create something special.


22,000 sq ft of mixed-use workstations, collaboration areas, conference areas, dining, and numerous specialized areas for video production and editing.


Herman Miller Canvas Office Landscape. Herman Miller Seating. Herman Miller Collection. Ancillary pieces from Hightower, Coalesse, Bernhardt, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Upstairs Downstairs and Upstairs Downstairs custom pieces. Product sourced from 20+ manufacturers.