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Memo is a design company serving the contract furniture market. They work with accomplished designers around the world to create furniture for shared and transitional interior spaces that exist across work and life. They design, manufacture, and sell a portfolio of seating, tables, and casework with modest custom options. Memo is based in Seattle, Washington.

Motivated by design’s ability to positively affect the human condition, Memo creates products that honor the essential. They believe that design should be both the means to create products and the end experience itself. At its most elemental, compelling us to nurture a deeper connection to an object’s fundamental qualities, giving voice to the materials from which it was made, the techniques by which it was crafted, and the designer by whom it was imagined. Through this approach, Memo aims to produce work that brings us closer to the things that provide meaning and fulfillment, and ultimately honor the most essential of all: the human experience.

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