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Mecho offers exceptional shade systems that meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of office environments

Whether the facility was built 70 years ago or 70 days ago, Mecho manual and motorized shade systems ensure both a comfortable and efficient work environment. Providing maximum daylight control on computer screens and work surfaces, Mecho shades improve productivity by minimizing eye fatigue from contrasting bright and dark surfaces.

Increased Sustainability Ensures Cost Savings

  • Significant reduction in solar heat gain and protection from radiant component of sunshine
  • Lowers fossil fuel consumption used for A/C cooling
  • Increased use of natural light while controlling brightness, glare and solar radiation

Find the Right Fit From a Variety of Shading Options

  • ElectroShades are perfect for VIP and public spaces as well as extremely high, wide, and inaccessible areas like lobbies, atriums, conference rooms and executive offices
  • ElectroShades can be time-controlled, sun activated, remote controlled, or automated
  • Manual roller shades have easy to use Lift-Assist Mechanism for extra large shades for conference rooms and shared spaced

Automated and Motor Control Systems Increase Efficiency

  • SolarTrac automated shading system tracks the sun and automatically adjusts the ElectroShades throughout the building
  • IQ motor-control system offers nine levels of switch control, horizontal alignment of all shade bands, and the ability to reconfigure switching without rewiring
  • IQ/MLC offers preset mid-window alignment and five levels of switch control

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