A Look Ahead to 2024

A reflection on 2023 from Pivot's President & CEO Ken Baugh, and a look ahead at the year to come.

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As we begin a new year, I reflect on the many accomplishments our team has made over the past 12 months. We at Pivot have spent significant time in the past year on expanding our reach in the markets we serve, conducting research on workplace trends and supporting our people and culture.

This past fall, Pivot opened a new design center in Los Angeles. Housed in a historic brick building constructed during the Boom Age and designed entirelyfor and by our own employees, this space serves as a collaborative environment suitable for a distributed workforce, and utilizes color and a variety of flexible settings. We’ve made similar improvements to our Santa Clara headquarters,with a space that incorporates biophilia, room to focus and areas intended to foster interaction and teamwork. The Sandbox was created as a nimble area to support new ideas, devoted to prototyping applications to test out and learn from end-users over time. The space utilizes a strong and activating color palette with dynamic pieces that are meant to be moved around.

We have also invested time and resources into our internal Research + Design (R+D) team to bring our clients and partners the latest research and insights into workplace trends, technology, and tools. This team leverages science in the art of design through incorporating inclusion, process, careful listening, diversity of perspective, applied research and environmental psychology. Some of the innovations this team has been instrumental in employing include Leesman data-driven insights, neurodiversity and inclusive design, return to office trends and application in our own showrooms, AI, custom design opportunities with MTRL and more.

We are excited to leverage our R+D team’s breakthrough research to provide the latest information and design solutions for our clients and build a stronger partnership with the A&D community. Clients are investing more in adaptive reuse, sustainable solutions, and re-thinking the office for a variety of needs. We’ll continue to work with our clients and design partners to identify and create spaces that are inclusive across generations and that reflect their brand and foster a sense of belonging.

This sense of belonging and connection begins at our own offices, with our own people. Over the past year we have worked to support a culture of individuality together. We are, after all, the sum of the best of each our unique talents.

In the coming year, we will continue to approach design from a human perspective. We see that our clients are focused on productivity and measurable results, and we aim to create spaces that encourage people to do their best, whether it is flexible settings for an in-office population, better technology to connect a distributed workforce, or creating space for company culture to shine.

- Ken Baugh, President & CEO

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