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Moving Beyond Accommodation

In the design world, we have the unique opportunity to make an impact on the environment around us – especially when we design with inclusion and disability in mind. By considering the needs of those with disabilities in how we shape our workplaces, we promote well-being and dignity to the furthest extent, encouraging all individuals to shine.

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MillerKnoll recently released a peer-reviewed white paper to practical considerations for inclusive design in corporate real estate and facilities professionals. A special thanks to MillerKnoll Vice President of Global Research and Insights Ryan Anderson, MillerKnoll Director of Design Strategy Joseph White and Herman Miller Design Specialist Jolene De Jong for authoring the paper, titled Places to Belong. Download a copy here.

The team also released a 30 minute podcast to explain the research and insights published in the paper. Click here to listen to the podcast, Moving Beyond Accommodation.

As excerpted from the paper, “While efforts to improve inclusion are not new, it is time for organizations to broaden their view of the practice and to use it as a fundamental lens through which all design is assessed. The practice can address a much broader range of needs than physical disabilities, and it can be applied well beyond building architecture to extend to furniture planning, wayfinding, audiovisual technology, the use of textiles and wallcoverings and beyond.

At its core, inclusive design considers all variations of the human condition as natural. It acknowledges that no person is average, opening the door to consider the unique circumstances of all an organisation’s employees. These include physical, neurological and sensory processing differences, as well as other needs related but not limited to individual workstyle, gender, language, sexual orientation, personality type, racial and ethnic backgrounds.”

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