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Pivot Spotlight: Nick Simmons

Meet Nick, Pivot's newly promoted Construction Solutions Director. We sat down to talk with Nick about his unique background, and his passion for building a strong CS team presence within our company and our industries.

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Tell us about your background.

I grew up in Cornwall, England from a family of farmers. My family ended up moving into property development which now, thinking back, was my first touch point into the construction world.

I studied building surveying and environmental construction at the University of Plymouth in England. From there, I moved into timber frame engineering and pre-fabrication – mostly in the residential world. I traveled to Australia where I worked in the same field, for companies that were trying to build efficiently on a larger scale, designing and engineering prefab.

I moved to California to get married, and I joined a healthcare project management firm. I started off working on the financial controls and assisted in building a project management software program from scratch. After building and training the project managers, I transitioned into the field to work on projects.

Working in the field I hit my frustration point and realized how slow and long-winded construction was from a process standpoint - and knew I wasn’t really doing what I studied for. For me, the sustainability of construction and innovative solutions for projects is why I do what I do, and what I’m passionate about.

What inspired you to join Pivot?

Joining Pivot was tied to what I truly wanted to do – work on more innovative solutions to improve the construction industry. What drew me to Pivot was that it won an award as one of the best places to work in SoCal. There was a more progressive atmosphere, where the company wasn’t just trying to sell products, they were helping the clients advance. To me, there was more job satisfaction to be had.

How have your experiences with Pivot so far led to the role you’re in today?

I would say that strong leadership, strong teamwork, learning from peers, and Pivot’s model to invest in their employees to help them be successful in their roles. It is because of this exposure and their support that I’ve been able to grow into this role.

Any favorite project at Pivot with the Constructions Solutions team?

A healthcare client whose focus is building for the future. The Construction Solutions team is building something that allows the client and occupants to adjust the space as needed/required.

Manatt has been a great example of a client who had a strong need for acoustic performance and we were able to deliver that.

Oakley was also a really cool project to be part of. They had a need for a truly customized solution and we were able to work with them to enhance their space, while staying true to their brand. We provided a solution that was truly adaptable.

What is the most exciting part for you moving into this new role?

I'l thrilled to continue working with my team. The exciting part is that every day I work with people I trust, and as we advance, the growth is going to come from them. As we gain new team members, they will get to join a strong team where we can keep relying on each other and see some amazing growth together.

Unique fact about yourself?

I had a pet cow growing up.

Favorite hobby?

Rugby. I’ve played since I was six and I still have that competitive nature. I mostly just follow it now and enjoy it more as a spectator than a participant, because let’s face it, my body can’t take the brutal hits anymore.

Coffee or tea?

I prefer not to answer just in case my parents read this.

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