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Celebrating Pivot's Pioneers

Pivot's journey started four decades ago with these unique entrepreneurs.

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Boyd Baugh
Founding Partner of Space Designs & Pivot Interiors Board Member

Boyd founded Space Designs with Clive Nall in 1973 and quickly gained a reputation in the furniture industry as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. He always treated everyone fairly and with utmost respect, earning him loyalty from both clients and employees. Boyd's son Ken continues to lead Pivot in this spirit of honesty and transparency, welcoming dialogue and input from the entire Pivot team.

Ken Baugh
Founding Partner & Pivot Interiors President and CEO

Ken is one of the founding partners of Pivot and has acted as President and CEO since 1999. His history in the industry stems back to his high school years, where he worked as a part-time furniture installer. Ken’s leadership has fostered longstanding and successful relationships with some of our most valued clients and his strong analytical skills have enforced Pivot’s reputation as a dependable business partner.

Harvey Vander Baan
Founding Partner & Pivot Interiors Board Member

In March of 1985, Harvey joined as as Director of Sales for Space Designs, Inc. He became Vice President of Sales in 1987 and Executive Vice President in 1989. At Pivot, Harvey provided guidance and direction, helping us maintain a clear focus on delighting clients and providing a furniture experience that is the standard for excellence in the industry.

Barbara Carlyle
Founding Partner of CRI & Pivot Interiors Board Member

In 1987, Barb and colleague Jim Volz opened the Silicon Valley branch of CRI in Barb’s Sunnyvale home. Their team went on to become one of Silicon Valley’s top office furniture dealers, where Barb and Jim led with fairness and utmost respect for all employees. In 1999, the company merged with Space Designs and became Pivot Interiors. Barb led the Sales & Marketing divisions of Pivot, developing meaningful relationships with many long-term clients and lifelong friends. Known for her signature high energy and generosity, Barb loves to golf and to host clients and friends at her Monterey condo.

Jim Volz
Founding Partner of CRI & Pivot Interiors

Jim was Barb's co-founder and brought unparalleled warmth and camaraderie to Pivot's leadership. He was beloved by the employees, developing close friendships, fun nicknames, and inside jokes with many on the Pivot team. His many friends through his business career remember Jim as a mentor and a bold, creative leader who inspired and motivated people to put their best work in. Jim was known and remembered by all as Pivot's #1 fan and cheerleader.

Ray Stromback
Principal & Executive VP

In 2011, Pivot took the bold step of expanding into Southern California through the purchase of a Herman Miller owned dealership, Workplace Resource. At the time of acquisition Ray Stromback joined the Southern California operation, strengthening Pivot’s ability to serve the California market and continue our strategy of diversified growth. With more than 30 years experience in the contract furniture industry, Ray is well known for his commitment to client advocacy.

Now in six California locations, Pivot brings agile and effective solutions to our clientele across the state. Our leadership continues to guide Pivot in this spirit of honesty and transparency ushered in by our founders. We are dedicated to our employees and our customers, and we embrace input and feedback from our clients and from the entire Pivot team. As we continue to grow, we celebrate our successes and have fun along the way, always keeping the spirit of our founders in mind.