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Privacy Solutions for the Open Office

Rooms, walls, booths & pods offer a variety of options to achieve privacy and focus in open office environments.

Framery M Crop

Open office environments can offer great benefits for enabling easy collaboration and reducing your real estate footprint. But they can also make employees distracted and uncomfortable. It's important to make space for quiet focused work, private discussions, small meetings and even large meetings -- without disrupting the entire office.

From custom built-in walls and enclosed rooms, to flexible solutions to create visual or acoustic separation, here's a rundown on the three overarching levels of privacy solutions.

Architectural Walls

Architectural walls are custom designed and prefabricated to your precise specifications. They're often used to create enclosed conference rooms, meeting rooms and phone rooms within an office space.

Maars is the world market leader in prefabricated architectural walls, and the newest member of the Herman Miller family of brands. Maars is available through Pivot's specialized Construction Solutions division.

  • Custom designed and manufactured for your space
  • An alternative to traditional drywall construction
  • Glass, solid, metal, wood, technology, living walls – the sky’s the limit
  • Impeccable quality and high-end look and feel
  • Great sustainability, acoustic, durability and fire performance
Maars Horizon Aa
Maars architectural walls

Freestanding Structures

Creating a room within a room is a great way to visually separate spaces within an open plan office. These reconfigurable structures enable flexibility and freedom for your team to create a quiet haven for focused work, a private conversation or just a way to break up a space.

Herman Miller recently introduced Overlay, a new system of freestanding, sub-architectural walls, with features including:

  • Lower cost and less permanent than prefabricated walls or traditional construction
  • Overlay can be relocated with 2 people in 2 hours, minimal disruption
  • Create freestanding rooms, give shape to open spaces, or simply divide areas
  • 3- or 4-wall configurations for varied privacy levels
  • Range of textiles, laminates, markerboards, glass, acoustical materials & doors
Hmi Overlay3 Sm
Herman Miller Overlay sub-architectural walls

Ready Made: Booths and Pods

Acoustic booths are a highly effective solution for private phone calls or small meetings. With a range of sizes, features, and styles, freestanding booths and pods can be fun as well as functional.

• New to the Herman Miller family of brands
• Specialists in sound-proof booths for solo or collaborative work

Framery3 A Copy
Framery offers booths with exceptional acoustic ratings

• Pivot’s exclusive partner, Danish design & craftsmanship
• Wide range of individual & collaborative solutions for focused work

Holmris Roll Wall 3A
Holmris offers stationary and mobile privacy solutions from partial to fully enclosed

Holmris Wall Pod 6Aa

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