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  • Pivot Designer Spotlight: Brian Rivera

Pivot Designer Spotlight: Brian Rivera

Meet Brian, one of the many individuals that make up our diverse and talented design team.

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Tell us about yourself

I was born in Miami, and went to architecture school in Miami then worked in New York City up until moving to California a little over a year ago. I previously worked at large residential and commercial architecture firms in the country.

Where do you draw design inspiration from?

What inspires me the most are the designers showcased on everyday staple furniture pieces, from the historic Eames Chairs, to the Knoll classics. I have a lot of appreciation for the contemporary designers featured in some of the newest collections today like the Hurdle Chair from Grand Rapids Chair Co. If you look up the design profiles for all the beautiful products we provide, you can see the personalities behind the furniture and the dedication it took to create each piece. These are the stories I love reading, and they inspire me to express my individuality and be innovative with furniture and design on every project.

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What has your time as a designer at Pivot been like?

My role at Pivot has been a powerful learning experience. To come from the world of architecture and then dive into interior design and furniture has been rewarding-I love what I do and love telling people about my job, especially the diversity of ideas and backgrounds in interior design. I always had a passion and admiration for this industry, and translating my knowledge of construction and detailing from previous roles into the scale of furniture has allowed me to observe beyond the chair or table, and analyze how it’s built, the technicalities, features, and more importantly, appreciate the design elements of everyday furniture. Pivot allows me to use all of this knowledge, as they encourage design and individual expression in each of our projects.

It's Pride Month. As a member of the LGBTQ community, what does Pride mean to you?

Pride to me is the free expression of your full self, without holding back. It applies to everyone, whether you are LGTBQ or not. It’s getting the tattoo you want no matter what anyone else says, it’s dying your hair whatever color you want, and wearing what you want without fear of judgement. It’s individuality and freedom, and breaking the barriers that exist in order to create new ones and forge a new path for new generations.

How do you bring your most authentic self to work?

I bring my constructive and critical thinking abilities that I learned from my architecture background, and use this to explore ways in which interior design and furniture can improve spaces for clients. I think my favorite part of what I do is figuring out how systems furniture and workplace culture come together with architects and developers. My work is also shaped by my shared Hispanic and Black background, which is unique on its own. I’m outspoken, and speak my mind freely and energetically, making sure that I’m heard. I think that stems from my culture (Dominican)!


How can your peers act as LGBTQ allies?

We do a great job at making LGTBQ people and allies feel comfortable and included within the Pivot working environment. I suggest attending events geared toward this topic, and doing mental health check-ins with each other. Caring for our fellow employees is incredibly important, as is always standing up to make sure our environment is a respectful one.