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Vantage Point: June Furniture + Architecture Pairing

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Aqua, an 82-story tower in downtown Chicago, is a mixed-use project combining a hotel, offices, and residences. The building was informed by ecological systems; rippling balconies and windows carve an undulating façade, a topographic landscape revealing “pools” of glass and a visual kinship to Lake Michigan.

Challenged with building on a site nestled in among existing high-rise towers, the team used computer modeling to examine sightlines, as well as a physical mock-up with string to ascertain the views to and from various landmarks around the city.

Beyond their visual impact, the undulating balconies’ curved contours provide shelter from Chicago’s trademark breeze. The inviting outdoor spaces, with streamlined ceilings and floors extending straight outside, give the dwellings a lavishly spacious feel.

American architect and MacArthur Fellow, Jeanne Gang began her career at OMA with Rem Koolhaas. Since founding Studio Gang in 1997 she has grown her firm to four locations in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Paris. Deeply committed to developing relationships uniting community with nature, the studio’s multi-disciplinary work emphasizes research, experimentation, and collaboration.

“If we can focus the design mind on creating positive, reinforcing relationships in architecture and through architecture, I believe we can do much more than create individual buildings. We can reduce the stress and the polarization in our urban habitats. We can create relationships. We can help steady this planet we all share.”


To pair with the remarkable Aqua, we’ve selected the Hightower Breck lounge and ottoman, designed by Justin Champaign, founder of Most Modest. Champaign is currently heading up a new project: Make Space Stockton, a design studio, development firm, and community space.

“Design should create transformative experiences that people remember.”


Nestled together, the Breck Lounge Chair and Ottoman create pleasing gentle curves, evoking soft stones worn smooth by centuries of flowing water. Their incredibly comfortable design conforms to the way that we naturally sit - perfect for some laptop work or a midday relax and refresh.

In keeping with the Aqua Tower, the Breck is Indoor Advantage Gold Certified and contributes to LEED and WELL credits.

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