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Showroom Visit: Apparatus

A visit to Apparatus New York Studio is like being transported in time and place. Their latest showroom transformation, Interlude, is truly operatic.

Apparatus founders, Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson come from the worlds of fashion and PR, and found their calling as many artists do, by necessity. The lighting they created for their Los Angeles residence caught the eye of a local gallery owner and that was the beginning of what is now a global business with showrooms in New York, Los Angeles and Milan.

Their showrooms are conceived as 'complete works'. Every detail—the architectural features, furniture, lighting, and music are all components of the whole. Their New York Studio culture reflects this. It is home to their showroom, design studios and production. Craftspeople hand finish and assemble gorgeous pieces made from marble, suede, horsehair and patinated brass on site, and their entire team is invested in the full brand experience, from client visits through the packaging of the product. The team's pride in the space and the work they do is evident.

The work is other-century, existing in the past and future simultaneously. Obsessive attention to detail and a personal connection to the work results in a polish that pervades all aspects of the showroom. Something this precise should feel awkward and uninviting, but there is a warmth to the space, supported by gentle arias and a lovely scent of wood and leather. Perforated shutters bend and shape the light, resulting in a chiaroscuro effect that puts Apparatus lighting center stage, and illuminates the walls and furniture highlighting the surface textures.

Each year Apparatus launches a new volume of work. The latest, Interlude, was "conceived as a suite of furnishings for an imagined, modernist concert hall, shuttered and suspended in time.” Entering their showroom feels like stepping onto the mezzanine between acts.

We got a peek behind the scenes and were stunned by meticulous work being done. The entire process is thoughtful all the way through to packaging. This is a working showroom, where hundreds of beautiful lighting fixtures are made every month, but it is neatly organized and spotless. Our visit was truly inspiring.

Pop in for the popup!

Reach out to schedule a showroom visit to check out the Hightower popup, on view in our Santa Clara showroom through the end of 2019.

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