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Pivot Design Spotlight: Sara Gillette

Meet Sara Gillette, the passionate, dedicated design veteran and creative force behind Pivot Interiors, Santa Clara office.

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Tell us about your experience at Pivot?
I'm excited to be celebrating 15 years at Pivot this year (I started when I was 12 obviously).
I have worn many different hats during my time here, but my ultimate passion is design and I love working with our awesome design team.

What inspired you to be a designer?
I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned makeover takeover. I have always loved ‘before-and-afters’ and I grew up envisioning how to make spaces look and feel better. As a young kid, I would constantly surprise my parents by rearranging their furniture and creating makeovers of my own. Thankfully they were good sports about it!

Which design trends are on your radar right now?

I look to nature for my design inspiration, and I am currently very excited about various new ways to incorporate biophilia into our commercial projects. There are obvious benefits to including natural elements into the workplace, and so I design my projects to maximize the biophilia opportunities. It starts by orienting the floorplate to take advantage of outdoor views, then I select natural materials and incorporate items such as green walls and plants to help create beautiful and inviting spaces. Employees are constantly bombarded by technology and visual stimulation - biophilia is the quiet relief that we all seek.

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Who/What is your biggest design inspiration?
I don’t take myself too seriously, but I am passionate about what I do. I am most inspired by spaces that feel really good and make my eyes happy. It’s not one particular person or thing - I suppose I am inspired by my own definition of beauty.

What is your favorite piece of furniture?
Although I love the classics, I'm going to be real and say that my favorite piece of furniture is my sofa from Crate and Barrel. It probably wouldn't win a beauty contest, but it's insanely comfortable and a destination for my whole family to snuggle on. That makes it a winner in my book.

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Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
Photography is also a passion of my mine and at one point I wanted to pursue it as a professional career.

Sleep in or early riser?
Early riser because I have mom responsibilities.

On trend or traditional?
On trend.

Read a novel or write a novel?
Read a novel.

Museum or zoo?
My life is a zoo.

Breakfast or dinner?
Both - brinner!

"Working with Sara is both mind-boggling and inspiring! I am constantly in awe of her attention to detail, wealth of knowledge, dedication, and creativity. She is so much more than just a designer – she is a mentor, a mother, a wife, and a friend. To call her ‘Wonder Woman’ would be an understatement! She is passionate about what she does, and that’s what makes her such an amazing designer." Genevieve Meza, Pivot Designer

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