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FRESH Perspectives

FRESH Perspectives: ICFF 2018

FRESH Perspectives ICFF 2018 Pivot Interiors Featuring HGA banner
Rebekah Jacobi, Kelley Naylor, Katelyn Hoffman

ICFF 2018 was bursting with inspiration, ideas, and curiosities that were showcased in and outside of New York City’s Javits Center. Beyond the annual furniture fair itself, NYC Design Week also reflected the best and brightest of today’s design industry. With so much to see and dream about, we couldn’t help but notice a few emerging themes and new trends that celebrated exactly what design is all about!

Our Pivot team was lucky enough to share this experience with the lovely and talented Katelyn Hoffman of HGA, San Francisco! Beyond being a ray of sunshine and an absolutely stellar karaoke partner, we think Katelyn is exactly what makes our industry so wonderful. Here, she shares her thoughtful and keen perspective on a few more trends that cannot be missed from ICFF/NYC Design Week 2018!

-Kelley Naylor, Senior Ancillary Curator

Full Circle
One of our favorite design elements has truly come “full circle”. While rounded corners and circular shapes are certainly not a new trend, these graceful lines have returned in so many different and unique ways. From semi-circle mirrors, lighting, and surfaces to spherical frames on furniture, the shape is taking on new materials and finishes to answer the call for what design is craving right now.

Desert Pastels
Furniture, fabric, and candle palettes alike took on the hues of a warm desert sky in various shades of rust, rose, and baby blue. These palettes take on a refreshed vintage vibe and add warmth to any space.

Design is “Mission” Critical
Merely pretty pieces just don't cut it anymore. Designers are challenging themselves to incorporate hidden missions within new products. Whether it’s fully recycled materials, decreasing depression, or providing work/income for impoverished communities- these creatives are on it.

Glass Layers
Those who go to ICFF most definitely shouldn’t throw stones. The trend of geometric glass was pretty transparent this year, as many designers incorporated these pieces in light colored hues in their showcase.

Lighting Is #Lit
Lighting is commanding the room and stepping out of dusty corners and shadowed ceilings. Both functional and beautiful, new fixtures hit the scene that defy the expectations of lighting in our spaces.