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Designing Healthcare Spaces for the Next Generation of Care

Pivot’s own Donna Clervi participated in a three-part video series with the Registry SF, along with Healthcare industry partners XL Construction and HDR. The discussion focused on today’s Healthcare market trends and developments in design, building, and engineering.

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The series includes a focus on Wellness, Holistic health, Community-based centers for health, and human-centered designs with spaces planned in consideration for the comfort and safety of patients and clinicians alike. Healthcare facilities are leaning toward a hospitality design approach, making them more comfortable and less intimidating. Integrated technology empowers patients with a deeper understanding of their own health and the care they receive. Care is increasingly provided in centers throughout the community, both for convenience and to integrate a holistic approach with a wider view on wellness including nutrition, physical activity, mental and emotional wellness. Flexibility in a space is also vital to accommodating changing technology, and sustainability is always top of mind.

Learn how these concepts are brought to life in the Design, Engineering, and Building of Healthcare in this thoughtful series of videos from the Registry SF.

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Watch Designing Healthcare from Pivot and Registry SF

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