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The Challenge of Workplace Misalignment

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When surroundings, furnishings, and tools aren’t aligned, people become distracted, inefficient, and disengaged. 

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Misalignment can cause Distraction

Causes of Misalignment

The nature of work has changed significantly.

New forms of self-directed and collaborative work, multilocation teams, and remote work are commonplace.

Tools and technology change rapidly.

New solutions for co-creation, display, remote connection, and nonlinear development are being introduced all the time.

Organizations are challenged by a linear design process.

In many cases, organizations construct or renovate their buildings first, specify finishes and furnishings next, and add technology as an afterthought. This process is disjointed and problematic. 

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 We Offer Solutions 


1. Preconfigured Settings

Our holistic approach includes a diverse portfolio of preconfigured settings expertly tailored to people and their work.

In our preconfigured settings, people, technology, and place work in concert to help an organization achieve its goals. Addressing tools, tasks, and team dynamics cohesively, we show how Living Office Settings deliver superior outcomes for individuals and organizations.

We help you select the settings that best suit your needs, oversee your order, manage both the furniture and technology, and offer ongoing support. 


2. Curated Settings 

We work with organizations to create customized settings that align goals, furnishings, and tech solutions to their people. 

In a personalized Living Office Discovery Process, we work with clients to align their business priorities, character, and activities to create holistic settings that elevate the experience of work. Our curated designs deploy and enhance a variety of purposeful settings. 

Living Office Placemaking 

Using insights from the Living Office Discovery Process, we work with organizations to create a comprehensive plan for aligning their goals with our furnishings and tech solutions. Every curated setting is specific to the organization: from a unique combination of colors, materials, and finishes to technology integrated exactly for a specific person or team.

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Elevate the Experience of Work

By working together to eliminate the frictions that keep people from being creative, collaborative, and engaged in their work, we can create a workplace where everyone can prosper.

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