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FRESH Perspectives

FRESH Perspectives: Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017

Selecting a great chair is what we do best. Take a peek at our Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 selection!

August 3, 2017
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Janus Et Cie Balou Lounge Chair outdoor-Pivot Interiors Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 seating

"Summers in the Midwest equate to all the heat of the tropics without the luxury of the beach. Growing up, I always knew the season was official when the wicker and rattan would appear around the house, allowing the imagination brief moments of escape to far off, exotic locales. This classic practice of weaving these natural materials is not only soothing, but in a world ruled by glass towers and concrete jungles, it acts as a soft reminder to just take a moment and breathe! The Balou Lounge by Janus et Cie perfectly exemplifies this laid back, woven aesthetic."
Nathan Fielding

Kristalia Elephant Chair indoor-Pivot Interiors Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 seating

"When asked to provide an outdoor chair that we cherish, I immediately thought of the Elephant Chair from Kristalia. It showcases beautiful Italian design and is available in the most popular contemporary colors. Whether an outdoor space needs a complete revamp or just needs to be freshened up, I specify the Elephant Chair without hesitation for its elegant and sleek design. I'd pair it with an Eames Marble top table. Et voila!"
Sarah Pereira

Buzzispace Buzzicane Chair Sofa Indoor from NeoCon-Pivot Interiors Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 seating

"Resort style cane furniture has played a key role in the California lifestyle for many decades. The new BuzziCane Chair and Collection from BuzziSpace elevates cane to a new level. I love the airy woven details and soft plush seat and cushions of this chair. The entire BuzziCane collection is luxurious and inviting, and captures the essence of casual luxury."
Carla Dougher

Sossego Gisele Lounge Chair Indoor-Pivot Interiors Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 seating

"One of my favorite chairs for the season is the Gisele Lounge Chair by Sossego. The beautiful pairing of Brazilian wood and raw cotton cording caught my eye first - it was an interesting combination that I had never seen before. The two materials work perfectly together to create a light and contemporary feel that truly embodies the essence of summer. I would love to enjoy a warm evening outdoors on the Gisele with a glass of wine and a good book!"
H.K. Jang

Herman Miller Crosshatch Chair Indoor-Pivot Interiors Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 seating

"I love this chair and its timeless look. The detail always catches my clients' eyes and it dresses up any room. It is a great representation of the Herman Miller Collection and all the wonderful, high design chairs in its lineup. I can't wait to own one one day, but in the meantime during this hot summer, I look forward to resting my feet and sitting in the fun, bright orange one we have in our showroom!"
Caroline Silver

Kettal Cala Highback Armchair -Pivot Interiors Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 seating

"I chose the Kettal Cala Highback Armchair. I love Kettal's color palettes, fabrics, and textures. The Cala Collection, designed by Doshi Levien, combines large natural curves with a latticed rope weave, creating a majestic spatial presence with transparent and light surfaces. The commanding shape, graphic look, and beautiful cast shadows make this a must for sitting back and taking in a late summer sunset."
Lisa Knowles

Bend Goods Lucy Side Chair-Pivot Interiors Chairs We Cherish Summer 2017 seating

"The wire chairs from Bend Goods are becoming a hot trend this summer. I love that each piece is hand bent to produce their unique and intricate wire designs. The Lucy Chair's wire pattern reminds me of woven baskets that you often see attached to the front of bicycles at the beach. It is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also extremely comfortable to relax in. I can imagine myself in this chair at an upscale outdoor cafe."
Ling Hu

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