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FRESH Perspectives

FRESH Perspectives: A&D Winter Holiday

Meet the fabulous designers who contributed to our recent edition of FRESH. Then curl up by the fire and enjoy Vol X A&D Perspectives - Winter Holiday!

December 4, 2017
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Emily Burchill
Interior Designer
Design Blitz, San Francisco

Emily’s core strength as a designer is her ability to seamlessly blend contract, custom, and retail solutions into layered and iconic environments that align and enhance the workplace experience for all users. Emily is passionate about taking a conceptual idea and transforming it into a design element through both architecture and curated furniture selections. View Emily's contribution for FRESH Vol X - California Christmas >

Carla Idrogo
Director of Design
AP+I Design, Mountain View

Carla’s mantra — Interior Designer. Artist at Heart. West Coast Love. A deeply collaborative director, her industry awareness and holistic design strategies add a uniqueness generating an interpretive reflection of the client’s signature. With 18 years of workplace experience, Carla works closely with her design teams to solve the puzzle — addressing cultural and business challenges with innovative ideas and original solutions. View Carla's contribution for FRESH Vol X - Eccentric & Merry >

David Meckley
Design Director
Huntsman Architectural Group, San Francisco

Pairing his passion for innovation balanced with functional spatial organization, David views the designer’s role as universally transformative. His approach to visioning with clients focuses on identifying key organizational drivers as a foundation for creative design solutions. David is a Certified Transition Manager, LEED accredited professional, and has served as IIDA Northern California president and advisor to IIDA’s International Board of Directors. View David's contribution for FRESH Vol X - Modern Library >

Agnes Pietraszek
IA Interior Architects, San Francisco

From Chicago, Agnes brought her previous experience in residential and high-end financial work to the exciting world of workplace design in the Bay Area. She is dedicated to the overall design experience and is inspired by the power of design as an agent for change to shape a better future. Agnes holds a Bachelor of Science, Architecture from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. View Agnes & Michelle's contribution for FRESH Vol X - Holiday Hues >

Michelle deBrestian
Interior Designer
IA Interior Architects, San Francisco

Michelle is a Designer born and raised in the SF Bay Area, drawing inspiration from her roots. She takes takes pride in her ability to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. With over a decade of experience in the industry, her mission is to create interiors that uniquely reflect the client’s personality and brand. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from California State University Sacramento. View Agnes & Michelle's contribution for FRESH Vol X - Holiday Hues >

Kelley Naylor
Senior Ancillary Curator
Pivot Interiors, San Francisco

Kelley is a creative design leader whose work supports the ideal balance between form and function in the workplace. Primarily focused on curating inspiring ancillary design solutions, her role integrates furniture as a first step in the design thought process. Kelley’s ten years of project experience draws from a multi-faceted background in architecture and design, and ranges from start-up to large-scale corporate interiors. View Kelley's contribution for FRESH Vol X -White Light >

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