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FRESH Modular Lounge Pieces: New from Naughtone!

March 23, 2017
Naughtone Symbol Clear
Symbol Sofa Arrangement 6 Edit

Naughtone Symbol

The Symbol seating range has a paired down
aesthetic, designed to feel like part of the
architecture and provide building blocks
for furniture landscapes. Symbol has a
firm upright sit and compact dimensions,
perfect for modern commercial environments
where the product must look after itself and
space is a premium.
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Symbol Sofa Arrangement 10 Edit
Hatch Sofa Arrangement 8 Sidebar

Naughtone Hatch

The Hatch range’s characteristic quilted 
seat provides a tactile structure to the
fabric and a satisfying repeat pattern.
Hatch is designed to be effortless to plan
into configurations with straightforward
options in 1, 2 and 3 seat units. Compact
dimensions with a firm upright sit, Hatch is
perfect for modern commercial 
environments. With 4 different leg options
and Naughtone’s wide fabric selection, Hatch 
can be tailored to suit any environment. 
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Hatch Sofa Arrangement 2 Edit