Living Office

Designing for Human Experience—Placemaking: Research-based principles and insights for workplaces that fulfill human needs and realize organizational goals.

December 21, 2016
Lo Graphic Place Purpose

Living Office provides an updated understanding of people and their work, founded on elements that are naturally human—how we experience the world and what motivates us. Informed by this understanding, Living Office offers considerations for the arrangement of surroundings, furnishings, and tools to meet the needs of people and deliver an elevated experience of work.



From improvisational creativity to standardized processes, work today is more varied than ever before—so shouldn't our offices be more varied too? In a Living Office, people can choose from a range of spaces that better support their activities, strengthen their connection with colleagues, and help fulfill their specific purpose. These settings can be designed in ways that uniquely express the culture of an organization and progress their ambitions, making place a more valuable asset.

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