Meet Pivot's newest addition to the Healthcare team!

Josh Katz brings nearly 25 years of industry experience to the Pivot Healthcare team. We caught up with Josh to get the scoop.

What inspired you to join Pivot?

I wanted to join an organization that really had its act together, that is highly respected in the local community, where people are valued for the skills they bring to the table and where I could collaborate with great colleagues and customers. I also spent the first five years of my career working at a Herman Miller dealership and I’m super excited to be returning to the HMI family!

What do you love about the contract furniture industry?

It all boils down to these key things: I like to solve problems, all kinds of them – technical, product related, financial, logistical. I studied political theory in college, and that has served me surprisingly well. I love working at the intersection of architecture, design, construction, technology and business – such a cool mix of disciplines. Each project has a unique set of variables and it’s fun to figure out the right approach and solutions for success. It's like solving a puzzle!

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your career?

Shut up and listen.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Honestly my family is the most important thing in my life. I have an amazing wife who is the most righteous person I know and two extraordinary kids who make me proud every day.

I also love cooking, skiing with friends and family and taking care of the animals in our backyard urban farm – currently comprised of 5 hens, 4 dwarf Nigerian dairy goats, 1 goldendoodle, 1 giant schnauzerdoodle and 1 farm cat.

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Reach out to connect with Josh, he's always up to brainstorm on a new workplace project, or a game of ultimate frisbee!

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