Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives

Designers from London, Mexico and Toronto share their views on emerging global trends in design, giving us a glimpse of how they work with international clients to address these shifts and integrate them with their local market.

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Nadia Borras Markovic

Legacy Made Modern

For me designing is like alchemy: it is a question of finding the harmonious manner of combining, assembling, bringing together and transforming a number of ingredients with passion and clarity in order to meet a need and trigger a sensation.

Elena Panagiotidis

A Textured Aesthetic

I am inspired by the world-class architecture and design here in London. Design to me is not insular but a collaborative process. Working with talented younger designers as well as experienced mentors, we can drive ideas forward. I don’t consider this a job, this is my passion.

Caitlin Turner

Modern Patina

Clients require the most forward-thinking approaches to flexibility to meet this very real constraint - it’s not just an exercise in densifi­cation for the sake of densi­fication.

Louisa Cree

Urban Haven

Design has a global language. The trends of well-being and resi-mercial are current across the worldwide design industry. These trends allow us to bring our home environment into our workplace.

Global Viewpoints

The Perspectives publication provides viewpoints from designers on emerging global trends and how they impact design work with international clients on a local level.