Maars Living Walls

Pivot is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Maars, the world market leader in the field of partition walls. With headquarters in the Netherlands and over 70 years of experience, Maars effortlessly merges innovation, aesthetics and performance. Maars offers both standard and customized solutions for offices, airports, theaters, retail stores, hotels, and more. Maars offers unparalleled sound control ratings as well as countless environmental ratings -- and even fire ratings. Maars products can contribute to LEED and other environmental certifications.

Maars is continuously redefining partition walls, rising above all expectations. Maars reviews developments around the world with an open mind, looking for new ideas and opportunities, leading to inspiration and innovation. Maars pushes the boundaries, making constant strides in the fields of design, soundproofing, multimedia and fireproofing. The integration of new high-tech systems and intelligent solutions in walls creates a wealth of new opportunities. Maars brings walls to life with the unique concept of Maars Living Walls.

Maars is active in over 45 countries and has a worldwide network of selected dealers. Its headquarters and factory are located in Harderwijk but Maars also has subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, Middle East and China. 70% of product is exported abroad. The international organization has all departments in-house: product development, production, installation and after sales. The highest quality and exceptional service are guaranteed.

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