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Education Solutions

A positive classroom experience begins with the hard work of talented teachers, whether it’s K-12, higher education, vocational training or any other learning institution. At Pivot Interiors, we appreciate teachers’ determination to bring out the best in their students and support their efforts by supplying schools with flexible, durable school furniture for an optimal learning environment.

From adding elements that inspire a new generation to remodeling existing spaces, the Pivot Interiors Education Team understands that flexibility is key in furnishing classrooms, student unions, libraries, faculty lounges and informal spaces. We know how to create a comfortable space that not only focuses the mind, but can also accommodate growing class sizes, emerging technologies and diverse learning styles.

Our expertisegoes beyond the classroom. Whether it’s administrative spaces or executive areas, such as a dean or principal’s office, Pivot has solutions to meet your aesthetic, ergonomic and budget requirements.

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