Construction Solutions, SoCal, DIRTT

We partner with DIRTT in Southern California to bring you high quality Manufactured Construction, custom made to fit your space.

DIRTT is radically modernizing the multi-billion-dollar construction industry in its drive for lean construction. Previously unimagined mass-custom modular solutions offer speed, design, performance and environmental sustainability for the built environment. DIRTT's wall, millwork, power and network solutions are designed by and for their clients. 

DIRTT and Pivot are leveraging technology to change the face of construction. 

Traditional construction is fraught with delays, labor shortages, and cost overruns. Working with DIRTT simplifies the construction process. It's free of hassles and surprises and can trim down both project timeline and budget.  

Visit our DIRTT brand page to explore the many applications for DIRTT's custom manufactured construction solutions for our Corporate, Healthcare, Education, and Government clients.