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Ken Baugh

President and CEO

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: The Eames molded plywood chair. You can’t beat Time magazine’s design of the century! I have a special edition upholstered in cowhide…very cool!

FUN FACT: I love backcountry skiing.

Donna Clervi

VP, Healthcare 

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: Furniture that is flexible and modular to meet the needs and comfort of the patient and family members, while meeting the continual challenges of change in a healthcare environment.

FUN FACT: You can see me in some of Billy Blanks Tae Bo training videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Patrick Donlon

SVP / GM - Silicon Valley

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: There’s a timeless elegance to the Eames Lounge chair. It’s one of the only pieces you can honestly say gets better with the perfectly worn baseball glove.

FUN FACT: My first job in high school was installing Herman Miller furniture. 25+ years later, I’m still part of the Herman Miller family!

Kristi Nadeau

VP, Administration & Human Resources

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: I love the timeless Eames Lounge Chair.

FUN FACT: My great, great grandparents were among the first Italian settlors in the Santa Clara Valley. The home they built was recently torn down to make way for a condominium high-rise next to San Pedro Square Market.

Anthony Jenkinson

VP / GM - Southern California

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: The Eames Storage Unit; it is functional, playful and timeless. Can’t go wrong with a few of these in the room.

FUN FACT: Worked on a Fishing Boat out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska one summer.

Sandra Rudloff

VP, Client Care 

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: I love the Eames lounge chair and ottoman that I received as a gift from Pivot Interiors to celebrate my 25th year here!

FUN FACT: I have developed recipes for Pillsbury and Cooking Light, and I am the author of 8 published cookbooks.

Roy Stark

VP / GM – San Francisco, East Bay & Healthcare

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: Eames Outdoor Aluminum Lounge Chair and Ottoman as I grew up in the pacific southwest spending enormous amount of time outside!

FUN FACT: Fortunate to have traveled throughout the world. Best time was dancing with a Cobra in Rabat, Morocco.

Ray Stromback

Executive VP / Principal 

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Armchair. I also love my sit-to-stand desk. It supports good posture and improves circulation.

FUN FACT: I went to high school with Robin Williams.

Carla Dougher 

Senior Marketing Director

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: I am big fan of Geiger, and their Crosshatch Chair is one of my favorites. It’s lightweight, transparent, comfortable and super gorgeous.

FUN FACT: I have a golf bucket list.

Brian Baker

VP, Finance

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: Aeron Chair….  A classic and one that I use today when I WFH.

FUN FACT: Grew up on an almond farm in the Central Valley, CA.   Not afraid of rolling up sleeves and ‘getting dirty’ to solve business problems.

Ken Sitarz

Director of Construction Solutions 

FAVORITE CONSTRUCTION PRODUCT: ICEreality Virtual/Augmented Reality software, which now enables customers to virtually explore their new furniture environments before they’re built.

FUN FACT: I started surfing two years ago.

Sherri Nuzum 

VP, Project Management & Installation Operations

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: Aeron chair – I have sat in my Aeron for over 15 years and I purchased one for home has well – nothing more comfortable or classic.

FUN FACT: I am an avid tomato grower – I grow all kinds every year – love to share them and pass them around the neighborhood. This past season I grew them in my straw bale garden with huge success.

Gord Denouden 

VP, Warehouse & Day 2 Service Operations

FAVORITE FURNITURE ITEM: My Eames lounge chair, in the original Rosewood and down-filled cushions, that I purchased in 1976 for $399, is my favorite chair and I was recently able to pair it with my favorite coffee table, the Noguchi table.

FUN FACT: I am a philatelist, enjoy singing in Men’s choral groups, sang in a barbershop Quartet and love camping with the family in Yosemite National Park.